By Bryan Wimberly

GREENVILLE, Miss. (May 3rd) - Coming out of an early feature caution-fest, Chad Thrash of Meridian, Miss., scrapped and sparked his way to a P&W Sales Southern United Professional Racing Series victory Saturday night at Greenville Speedway. Thrash was mostly top-dominant throughout his bid to capture his first SUPR win and a $2,000 payday, never relinquishing the lead just before the halfway mark of the 40-lap event.

"We came here tonight to do some testing on this car, it is only the seventh race on it, so seat time in it was important. We wasn't all that great in the heat race, we changed a couple things for the feature and it ended up paying off for us. We did some shock adjustments, because Mark Richards told us to leave the car alone and just play with the shocks, so we did just that. In the heat race we were just loose, we just wasn't in the racetrack real good and with the shock change for the feature, it just made a difference. We were all running the bottom at first, but I just got tired of that and said 'well I don't have anything to lose, we are not out here running for points', so I took it around the top. I beat that right rear quarter panel off of it pretty bad, but that is the way it is at Greenville sometimes. You just have to get up there and go!" said Thrash.

Ninth-starting Thrash repeatedly made contact with the wall in turn two as the race went on, sizing up the field as he worked his way to the front for the first 18 laps.

"I tried the bottom at first and was decent. I come into (turn) three beside Robbie Stuart and was all the way up beside him and got put into a tire (barrier). I don't blame him, we were all around the bottom and you have to protect yourself. I didn't come here to follow, so if we was going to go backwards by jumping up top, then so be it, but by chance if things worked out, then we was going for the win," explained Thrash.

It didn't stop there for Thrash either, as he propelled his Rocket Chassis No. 1c Car, fighting off occasional challenges for current SUPR points leader, Jon Mitchell of Texarkana, Tex., and a lurking Jeff Chanler of Minden, Louisiana.

He added, "I knew the damage was superficial, I have done that here before on occasion and to win races doing the same thing in using the wall as a measuring stick. It is just the nature of how you have to race some tracks. Now that Greenville has the wall around it, it have that little bit of a berm that builds up in front of it and if you can get up there, you can kind of hold your right rear on it and really sail around that outside."

A feisty Mitchell would settle for second, while 10th-starting Chanler completed his bid for a podium finish of third.

Fourth-time was the charm in getting the action underway, as three consecutive cautions ruled the outset of the main.

Reigning series' champ, Rob Litton of Alexandria, La., showed the way early, as Mitchell, Patrik Daniel of Wills Point, Tex., Robbie Stuart of DeRidder, La., and Duke Palasini of Leland, Miss., trailed close behind.

Four laps in, Litton, Mitchell and Daniel began to separate themselves, just as the race's fourth yellow waved, for the spun car of Justin Paxton in turns three and four.

Only two more green flag laps would be completed between cautions, as the sluggish start continued on the gumbo. But an 11-lap green flag run would begin to inject life into the race, with multiple battles happening all over the quarter-mile surface.

Mitchell and Daniel waged battle, while Thrash moved up to fourth over the 6R of Robbie Stuart.

Daniel drove up to second and eyed a threat on point man, Litton. Daniel showed a nose to Litton's outside, with the pair hitting lap traffic on the 12th circuit.

The congestion is exactly what Litton needed to pull away from Daniel and the others, while negotiating cars. Mitchell seized the same advantage, grabbing a spot on Daniel, going back up to second.

Thrash's climb into the top three could not be ignored, making ground in every turn, along the concrete wall. A temporary reset on lap 18, had Litton, Mitchell, Thrash at 1-2-3.

An excellent restart shot Thrash into a three-wide battle for the lead, with the Mississippi driver scurrying to the front.

Thrash would briefly pull away, watching the onslaught for position between Mitchell, Litton and Chanler, in his rear view.

As the laps counted down, Chanler tried the inside for second, moving Mitchell up a lane. With nine to go, all three drivers were running different lines on the speedway.

It was apparent the the race would come down to either one of these drivers, but nobody could stop the high groove momentum that Thrash delivered.

Thrash edged out a couple more lengths on lap 37 and it seemed all that needed to be done, was maintain his entire game plan from the midway point.

But a couple 'hold-your-breath' moments for Thrash would appeared before closing the show, dodging a lap car with two to go and making a slight bobble in the remaining turn. It was good enough to give him his first sanctioned-event victory, since winning at Greenville Speedway in the State Series, in June 2012.

Thrash's opportunity to experiment while being off from the Mississippi State Championship Challenge Series' slate temporarily, paid huge dividends, with that series' holding its next event also at Greenville Speedway, in three weeks.

Thrash said, "When we come back (for the State Series) in a few weeks, I want to use what we learned here and get a top five. We are satisfied with getting top 5's and having fun, that is all we want to do at the moment. I know we will not make a race because of an upcoming birthday in June, that I am not going to miss, so we are going to do what is important and work out everything later on."

NOTES: Thrash's Rocket Chassis Race Car is powered by a Jay Dickens Racing Engine and sponsored by Tomkat of Chunky, BASE Racing Fuels, Structural Steel Services, Five Star Bodies, X-Treme Graphics by J-Rod, Miller Lite.

The 50-minute feature ended at 11:39 pm and was slowed by nine cautions.

The top 10 hard charger of the feature was Greg Fore of Greenville, Miss., in a Bo Gordon back-up car. Fore started 20th and worked his way into a 9th-place finish.

Allen Tippen of Minden, La., had a freeze plug issue in his heat and scrambled to repair to get his No. 71a car ready for the feature. Tippen was able to start the feature, but the crew's efforts would be short-lived with the racer exiting early to finish 22nd.

Tyler Erb of Magnolia, Tex., would take the biggest hit of all of the top 10 point chasers in Saturday night's feature, getting caught up in an early accident, sending the fan on the No. 91 car through the radiator -Erb became the first retiree of the event and dropped from 4th-to-7th in the SUPR championship standings.

Next race: Saturday, May 24th at Sabine Motor Speedway in Many, Louisiana.

SUPR AT GREENVILLE: (1) Chad Thrash, (2) Jon Mitchell, (3) Jeff Chanler, (4) Robbie Stuart, (5) Patrik Daniel, (6) Rob Litton, (7) Greg Fore, (8) Chad Comer, (9) Brett Frazier, (10) Mark Tice, (11) Bubba Harrison, (12) Doug Showah, (13) Rick Duke Jr, (14) Tanner Kellick, (15) Chris McElhenney, (16) Richard Fedrick, (17) Randy Barnard, (18) Justin Paxton, (19) Christopher Showah, (20) Duke Palasini, (21) Bo Gordon, (22) Allen Tippen, (23) Tyler Erb.

Lap Leaders: Litton 1-18, Thrash 19-40.
Total Laps Led: Thrash 22, Litton 18.
Margin of Victory: 5-lengths

HEAT RACE WINNERS (among 23 cars): Litton, Daniel, Mitchell.

Heat 1 results: Rob Litton, Duke Palasini, Chad Thrash, Jeff Chanler, Brett Frazier, Bubba Harrison, Bo Gordon, Doug Showah.

Heat 2 results: Patrik Daniel, Robbie Stuart, Tyler Erb, Rick Duke Jr, Justin Paxton, Christopher Showah, Greg Fore, Randy Barnard (DNS).

Heat 3 results: Jon Mitchell, Chad Comer, Chad McElhenney, Mark Tice, Tanner Kellick, Richard Fedrick, Allen Tippen.

Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 2 8    Mike Palasini,jr    Leland , Ms 100.00
2 6 4J    Josh Banes    Learned , Ms 95.00
3 1 7    Eric Carr    Bruce , Ms 90.00
4 3 841/2    Randall Beckwith    Winona , Ms 85.00
5 4 21C    Ryan Colby    Greenville , Ms 80.00
6 5 J8    Bobby Jordan     - 75.00
7 9 70    Dewayne Estes    Greenville , Ms 70.00
8 8 46    Kenny Carpenter    Cleveland , Ms 65.00
9 10 7P    Peter Hazzard    Greenville , Ms 60.00
10 14 7D    Brent Dillon    Greenville , Ms 55.00
11 7 C55    David Carpenter    Greenwood , Ms 50.00
12 12 21    Drew Mcmahon     - 45.00
13 15 20    Tyler Arnold    Greenville , Ms 40.00
14 13 88    Howard Irby, Jr    Mcgehee , Ar 35.00
15 16 25    Billy Pate    Indianola , Ms 30.00
16 11 44    Peyton Wilkerson    Leland , Ms 25.00
17 17 11    Larry Stacy,jr    Pittsboro , Ms 20.00
18 18 67    Troy Meaux    Mcgehee , Ar 0.00 DNS
19 19 3    Anthony Andrews    Itta Bena, Ms 0.00 DNS
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Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 1 45X    Chris Moore    Hernado , Ms 100.00
2 3 28    Mitchell Cauley    Inverness , Ms 95.00
3 7 13    Jeff Scott    Hernando , Ms 90.00
4 6 3KX    Justin Weddle    Bastop , La 85.00
5 5 M2    Terry Maloney    Monticello , Ar 80.00
6 4 M1    Shawn Maloney    Monticello , Ar 75.00
7 2 48    Alan Brown    Alexander , Ar 0.00 DNS
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Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 4 15    Shane Hawkins    Greenville , Ms 100.00
2 2 3J    Justin Reynolds    Greenville , Ms 95.00
3 5 8    Brandon Nobles    Coila , Ms 90.00
4 7 8V    Mike Palasini     - 85.00
5 11 P8    Pete Roncoli    Shaw , Ms 80.00
6 9 9T    Tony Crosby    Crystal Springs, Ms 75.00
7 14 2B2    Gene Mcclain    Belzoni , Ms 70.00
8 6 J1    Jay Downs    Leland , Ms 65.00
9 10 3+3    Ricky Russell    Vaiden , Ms 60.00
10 3 M29    Margartet Nobles    Coila , Ms 55.00
11 15 C4    Jeremy Antle    Greenville , Ms 50.00
12 8 93    Heath Pritchett    Greenville , Ms 45.00
13 12 73J    Joseph Hughes    Greenville , Ms 40.00
14 13 18    Bb Dye    Cleveland , Ms 35.00
15 1 21    Carl Kilgore     - 30.00 DNF
16 16 38    Ac Parker, Jr    Wayside , Ms 0.00 DNS
17 17 10L    Franklin Lick    Wayside , Ms 0.00 DNS
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Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 1 R1    Jamie Rochelle    Greenville , Ms 100.00
2 5 1    Joseph Baugh    Lake Village, Ar 95.00
3 3 11J    Josh Jennings    Greenville , Ms 90.00
4 9 72    Casey Boozer    Scott , Ms 85.00
5 6 23    Michael Arnold    Greenville , Ms 80.00
6 4 09    Nicholas Scott    Vicksburg , Ms 75.00
7 11 21    Cathryn Kilgore    Greenville , Ms 70.00
8 12 D83    Logan Showah    Indianola , Ms 65.00 DNF
9 7 69    James Head    Indianola , Ms 60.00 DNF
10 2 S14    William Stokes    Indianola , Ms 55.00 DNF
11 13 21C    Carl Stanley Kilgore    Greenville , Ms 50.00 DNF
12 8 14    Angel Kilgore    Wayside , Ms 45.00 DNF
13 14 10Z    Roy Whitfield    Coila , Ms 0.00 DNS
14 10 J1    Zach Downs     - 0.00 DNS
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Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 2 25    Billy Pate    Indianola , Ms 100.00
2 7 15B    Carl Cyr    Greenville , Ms 95.00
3 3 67    James Woods    Greenville , Ms 90.00
4 9 7X    James Beach, Jr    Greenwood , Ms 85.00
5 5 13    John Roberson, Jr    Cleveland , Ms 80.00
6 4 9T    Jeremy Tucker    Wilmer , Ar 75.00
7 1 68    Ryan Lyda    Tupelo , Ms 70.00 DNF
8 8 83    Brian Price    Greenwood , Ms 65.00 DNF
9 6 21K    Randy Blalack    Wayside , Ms 60.00 DNF
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Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Points
1 2 1K    Kyle Learned    Vicksburg , Ms 100.00
2 3 5    Dustin Rushing     - 95.00
3 4 7    Justin Dillon    Greenville , Ms 90.00
4 5 S14JR    Tyler Stokes    Ruleville , Ms 85.00
5 1 14    Ricky Smith    Leland , Ms 80.00
6 7 4    Jerry Hitchcock,jr    Greenville , Ms 75.00
7 8 A1    Emad Alboshaba    Greenville , Ms 0.00 DNS
8 6 KC2    Casey White    Leland , Ms 0.00 DNS
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